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Airmec - Essential Air and Water Services


Airmec is one of the UK's leading air hygiene and water treatment solutions providers, offering a portfolio of services established on impartial facts and defined service and  quality standards. Our comprehensive capabilities, combined with professional but practical solutions differentiates us from competitors that focus on a single chosen solution track.

We value client contact; we will listen and help with your requirements. 

The quality of air or water required for a specific application is as varied as the sources available, and the problems that can arise are determined by the type and quantity of impurities present. The integrated approach inherent in our Essential Services ensures a high quality, safe working environment for our clients and their customers, and that compliance with relevant legislation is achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Whether it's a hospital or barracks, prison or college campus, brewery, industrial process or cruise liner, poor quality facilities management can be dangerous and costly. Our clients come from a range of sectors including: Brewing, Education, Local Government, Office buildings, Oil refineries, Police stations, Prisons and Shopping malls.

At Airmec we help organisations face the challenges of today's increasingly regulated marketplace by focusing on achieving the optimum workplace environment for staff, clients and customers. For more information on Airmec please visit